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Here’s How you can sell your home for less than you owe the bank, avoid foreclosure, save your credit and get your lender to pay ALL of the sales costs – for free


San Diego, CA. A new informative eBook has just been released called “The Home Owner’s Guide to Real Estate Short Sales” and it’s quite possibly the most valuable guide on how to use a real estate short sale to avoid foreclosure avaliable today.Inside this book you’ll learn how to sell your home or investment property quickly and easily using a home selling strategy called a real estate short sale…and owe nothing! You can stop the bank from foreclosing on your home and ruining your credit without it costing you a penny. This short sale ebook shows you how. This new eBook reveals little known tips and secrets for successfully negotiating a real estate short sale with a buyer and your bank in today’s battered economy and tough housing market. The author lays out childishly simple, step-by-step instructions you can use to stop a foreclosure dead in its tracks and save your credit in the process.


Also, because it’s an eBook, you have instant access to all of the valuable tips, forms and information contained inside. With a real estate short sale you can avoid foreclosure and erase your debt forever, but only if done exactly right and with the right help.

This book explains it all…

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