Xin Kong Ni
To whom it concerns: 

It was a pleasure to work with Scott Cheng and his team. We recently needed to short sale our home. Scott Cheng is very knowledgeable with respect to short sales. He explained the whole process to us from the start and even discussed what the pros and cons were to doing a short sale. He made us feel very comfortable with the process. We have now put this process behind us and we look forward to working with him in the future. Thanks again for everything.

- Xin Kong Ni

Randy Cabral – Retired US Air Force
Hi Scott 

I wanted to thank you and your team of Liz, Susan and Heather for an outstanding performance in this turbulent and unpredictable real estate market. I looked at many properties and made offers on the majority of them. I was supported with the contracts to make the offers so I was at least in the game on most of them.

Once we got a positive response on the property I have purchased, you and your team really accelerated. From you, I got great advice on rates and timing of the mortgage market. From Heather, I got exceptional turn-around times on handling documents. Liz kept in close contact with the selling agent and Susan handled all the other details which caused the transaction to go as smoothly as I have experienced in buying 15 different houses.

I am glad to give you and your team the highest of recommendations. You may use my name as a satisfied customer reference at any time. I will also be passing along your name to anyone else I hear of that needs the services you provide.

Randy Cabral

Steven Pham
Our past experience with other realtors were mediocre-they didn’t put forth as much time with us and we felt their interests lied more on making the sale.Scott Cheng and his team were there 100% the whole team,looking out for our interests,ensuring a smooth negotiation,and helping with last minute complications. 

We appriciate the patience he had during our year long search for a home. He was not pushy,but instead very attentive to our personalized needs in a home. The buying process seemed less daunting and very easy. Scott and his team always made us feel like we were the top priority. As busy as he was, we never felt like he didn’t have time for our questions and concerns. He was very prompt with responses and updates.

Even in this time of bank foreclosure and short sales, he made sure to protect our interests during bank negotiations and help us work out problems found during the inspection. He was aggressive when needed to get our bid in first and wasin constant communication between the bank and us to facilitate the sale smoothly.

Scott is very knowledgeable real estate agent, and we would recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell their home. We feel he delivers outstanding service and commitment and works with a high level of professionalism and integrity. We are sincerely thankful to have such a wonderful buying experience.

- Steven Pham

Delphine Lucas
Thanks Scott for all your help. I really got the feeling you cared about my best interest and that made me feel special. Thanks for helping me sell my home before I had to move back to France. Take Care. 


Chau Pham
It was a great pleasure working with Scott Cheng. As an investor, I was looking for somebody who was not only flexible but also understood the local market well and willing to go beyond the norm. Scott Cheng exceeded this expectation. He was also very creative and thorough. I would recommend Scott Cheng and his team to anyone who is looking for advice and services in the real estate market. 

- Chau Pham

Hix Cortes
This is a rough time for everyone & it’s easy to get down and depressed. I am speaking from experience. My family just went through a short sale that closed this past July. Emotionally, it ripped us apart to see all that we worked for, our home, our investment, our lives turned upside down with no sympathy shown from our mortgage company. We felt desperate, lost, and secluded thinking about our options. We were fortunate to find Scott Cheng & his associate Vincent Raquino because they were there to answer all our questions, give us an option where we could save our dignity and pride, and most of all listen & sympathize with our situation. Every time I called or emailed day or night, they were there. We can’t begin to explain how comforting they both were in our time of need.  

Scott and Vince; if I didn’t express my gratitude before I’m doing it now. Thanks for everything!

I just felt compelled to write this to let anyone who is going through this situation know to please let these guys help you & don’t give up on life!

My family is in the process of rebuilding our lives & saving for our future home. You can start over; It is possible! Take it one day at a time.

Thank you so much for your hard work & commitment.

-Hix and Ana Cortes